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tear trough treatment

by award winning clinician Dr. Sarah Cuffin B.D.S

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Tear Trough Treatment Cardiff at Refresh Skin Studio

The tear troughs are the depressions running from the nose up to the under eye area. Over time, this area of the face tends to sag into wrinkles, dark circles or a hollowing effect maybe visible. Dark under eye bags area common concern amongst both men and woman, with many feeling this appearance often makes them look older than they actually are. The skin in this area is quite thin and as a result has a tendency to show the effects of ageing sooner than the rest of the face.

Common Causes can include:

  • Genetic

  • Lack of sleep

  • Lifestyle

  • Ageing (Sagging as a result of the loss of facial fate) or loosening ligaments

How does it work?

The treatment works on the depressions that run from the nose and around the under-eye. While the surgical removal of eye bags gets rid of the fatty tissue, it doesn’t conceal the dark circles. The tear trough dermal filler treatment will not only improve the depression, it will also help to thicken the skin resulting in the reduction of the visible dark blood vessel colour. The treatment therefore benefits in the correction of the dark circles or panda eyes as well as the depression ( tear trough) and eye bags.

Who is suitable for the tear trough treatment?

Anyone who has:

Tear Trough
Sunken Eyes
Dark circles around the eye area
Eye Bags

Before Your Treatment

Before your treatment you will have a consultation where we will answer all your questions and assess you to make sure the treatment is suitable for you.

The Treatment

Topical anaesthetic will be applied for 20-30 minutes prior the treatment. After cleaning the area with antiseptic, the clinician will mark the treated area for a precise treatment. Dermal filler is then injected using a cannula. The product is injected in small amounts into the ‘marked’ sites and then massaged into the area for a smooth result to be obtained.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Results typically last from 9 to 12 months before repeat treatment is required. However, patients who have repeated injections tend to see progressively longer-lasting results, often with less product required at repeat injection sessions. Additional injections can be given within 1 to 2 weeks of the initial treatment if there is any noticeable asymmetry.

Sarah Cuffin is an award winning clinician. Our tear through fillers Cardiff clinic is just based in Penarth, 10 minutes away from Cardiff.

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Dr. Sarah Cuffin B.D.S

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